Development: Solar cooking

energy solar oven in madagascar

Development: Solar cooking

Posted on 08/12/2021

"Curbing deforestation in Madagascar, preserving resources, and saving energy are the goals of solar cooking."


The principle is very simple, we cook food using solar energy. The most common solutions for solar cooking are the use of a solar oven or a solar dish. The oven works like a conventional oven, and the parabola is comparable to a stove.

Cooking method

The oven is placed with the closed door parallel to the axis of the sun.
The axis of the reflector can be adjusted using a sliding hinge. After a quarter of an hour of exposure, the temperature inside the oven starts to rise. The aluminium reflector concentrates the sun’s rays and projects the captured heat into the oven’s housing through a double glass pane that ensures the seal.

The product

We have at our disposal the solar oven manufactured by ADES Solar which is distributed in Madagascar.
ADES is a Swiss-Malagasy association which works for the development of solar energy in Madagascar.


The artisanal manufacture of the oven is neat, the oven is delivered with: – An integrated thermometer to control the temperature – A wooden wedge to maintain the door of the oven open – 2 wooden sticks allowing to put the dishes in the oven without damaging the structure of the oven – A note of use in Malagasy – A receipt of guarantee, of 5 years!

The oven test

For this test, we decided to make a simple chocolate cake that would take about 30 minutes to bake in a kitchen oven at 180°/200°. The oven was placed in the sun from 11:00am to bring it up to temperature. 40 minutes later, the oven was at a temperature of 140°.

After a little more than an hour of cooking which took place mainly at 125° our chocolate cake was ready. It is also possible to cook rice, bread, meat, fish, soups … as an example a dish based on beans and meat mixed cooks in 2h00 to 2h30 in the oven. It is thus advisable to be foreseeing and not to start cooking at 3 or 4 pm!

Being marketed at a price of 50 000 Ariary, this product is accessible to all social classes represented in Madagascar.
Totally adapted to the sunshine of the region, the solar oven proposed is in accordance with the expectations of the consumers, and will delight all the people concerned with the environment.
We are totally conquered by this product which deserves the mention of MUST HAVE!
Follow this link to see: all ADES products.

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