The surrounding islands

ambariobe cemetery island

The surrounding islands

Updated on 05/06/2024 | Posted on 22/02/2022

"Around Nosy Komba, beautiful small islands are a must."

A few minutes by boat, some islets are worth a visit.

North of Nosy Komba, in front of the villages of Ampangorina and Antitorono, some small islands are not to be missed. You can go there during a day trip:
— Nosy Vorona with its lighthouse;
— Ambario Telo, or «the 3 brothers»;
— Ambariobe, «Cemetery Island», with its sandbank which reminds a small Nosy Iranja.

A few dozen meters from the tip of Ampangorina is the rock of Ambario Mena, “the red rock”.

In the south-east, between Nosy Komba and the mainland of Madagascar, “the Manoir Rock” is a small islet on which is buried a French colonist named M. Dumanoir.

Ambario Mena.

Ambariobe and its sandbank.

The 3 bro or Ambario Telo.

Nosy Vorona.

Nosy Tanikely.

the manoir rock

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Nosy Tanikely

Nosy Tanikely

The island of Tanikely, very popular for scuba diving, is located in the middle of the bay of Nosy Be.