What are the best activities to do in Nosy Komba?

Whether you are a family, a couple or a group of friends, there are activities for all ages and all tastes. Here is a selection of the must-do activities to do in Nosy Komba among a wide range of possibilities:

    • Observe the lemurs
    • Excursion at sea to discover the islets
    • Tour of the island by boat or pirogue
    • Visit the island with a guide
    • Sea trip with fishermen
    • Hike in the mountain
    • Sports: snorkeling, canoeing and trekking
    • Scuba diving
    • Sailboat cruise to the north or south of the archipelago
    • Humpback whales watching or whale sharks (in season)


Liveaboard – Cruise – Diving

Nakadive offers cruises and liveaboard to the west coast of Madagascar, the Mozambique Channel and the Eparses Islands.

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Nakadive – Antitorono – Nosy Komba – 207 Nosy Be – Madagascar

Nosy Komba Plongée


Located in Ampangorina village. The diving centre is equipped with new material. Dives take place around Nosy Komba as well as on all the famous sites around Nosy Be. The club is open all year round, except in February. Our dives range from beginners to experienced divers.
Take advantage of your holidays to make a first dive or pass a level with our team. Come and share our passion!

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Nosy Komba Plongée Ampangorina – 207 Nosy Be – Madagascar

Safari Baleine


Whales, rorquals, whale sharks, dolphins and turtles’ excursions by the day.
Safari excursion by speed boat, supervised by the Safari Baleine team.
Meal on an island of the Nosy Be archipelago.
Bivouac on Nosy Iranja island over 2 or 3 days. Night in tent or bungalow.

Prices for the day trip with meal from 70€ to 75€/person depending on the safari.

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Safari Baleine – Ampangorina – Nosy Komba – 207 Nosy Be – Madagascar

Diavity Tour

Excursions – Trekking
Nestor, certified guide, offers you trekking in Nosy Komba as well as in Lokobé, circuits in the North until Diego Suarez.
Circuit Diego, Ankarana, tsingy rouge, the 3 bays and the amber mountain in Diego.
Sea excursions in the bay of Nosy Be.

Excursion rates in the mountains: 15 000 Ariary to 50 000 Ariary per person. Diego and Ankarana tours: please contact us.

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Diavity Tour – Mr Nestor
Anjiabe – Nosy Komba – 207 Nosy Be – Madagascar

Excursions by Pirogue

Excursions – traditional pirogue
Authentic excursions in traditional pirogue with sail in the bay of Nosy Be. Discover Nosy Komba island and the most beautiful beaches of the island, the small islands north of Nosy Komba, Nosy Faly, the visit of the national park of Lokobe. Traditional fishing.

From 100 000 ar/person. From your hotel in Nosy Komba.

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Excursions en pirogue – Ampangorina – Nosy Komba – 207 Nosy Be – Madagascar

Raymond alias “Papa”

Sea excursions
Raymond offers transfers between Nosy Be and Nosy Komba by pirogue, visits to the islands around Nosy Komba.
The tour of the island of Nosy Komba in the day with picnic, as well as other excursions and sea walks in the bay of Nosy Be.

Rates Nosy Be / Nosy Komba: 100 000 Ariary.
Tour the whole island and other excursions: please contact us.

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Raymond – Ampangorina – Nosy Komba – 207 Nosy Be – Madagascar


Our selection of island accommodation, from traditional bungalows to luxury island getaways.

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  • positive review  c'est le paradis ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Tj Félicien Avatar Tj Félicien
    24 September 2022

    positive review  Eine herrliche Insel von der aus man super schnorcheln kann... Lemuren beobachten uvm. 😉 5 * sind sicher!!!

    Stefanie Barth Avatar Stefanie Barth
    8 September 2018

    positive review  Un coin tranquille et quand je voulais être bien c'est là bas que j'aime il y aller😍 mes amis ils sont Adorable😘 très gentil👍 et tu mange des Poisson frais❤ un tiii pense à vous mes amis gros bisous 💋💋💋de moi😚👈 ✌

    Frida Virin Avatar Frida Virin
    13 August 2018
  • positive review  Un coin de paradis tant côté mer que dans la montagne! Accueil dans le village très sympa!

    Olivier Habert Avatar Olivier Habert
    11 August 2018

    positive review  Cudownie, wspaniale, najlepiej bardzo polecam odwiedzajcie ten kraj i pamiętajcie żeby zabrać ze sobą prezenty dla dzieciaków ( krętki, zeszyty lub co kto może ) . Polskie cukierki tez lubią :)))

    Marcin Rybak Avatar Marcin Rybak
    28 July 2018

    positive review  nosy komba c'est le paradis sur terre , continuer vous les malgaches a le protéger car votre ile sauvage est vraiment magnifique . la première chose que l'on remarque dés que l'on descend du bateau c'est le calme , pas un bruit de moteur c'est vraiment magique et une population très accueillante . je suis amoureux de cette ile et j'epère y vivre plus tard

    Thierry Davasse Avatar Thierry Davasse
    22 July 2018
  • positive review  Le paradis

    Gerard Legrand Avatar Gerard Legrand
    27 June 2018

    positive review  le paradis Be, en plus les admins de ce site dont vraiment Top et font tout ce qui'ils peuvent pour promouvoir cette destination

    Claire Planiol Avatar Claire Planiol
    11 June 2018

    positive review  Tout simplement GÉNIAL Contact direct avec les animaux trop bien

    Jmax Azur Avatar Jmax Azur
    9 May 2018


Questions / Advice

What are the main activities to do in Nosy Komba?

Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving. Sea excursions. Visit the neighbouring islands. Tour around the island. The discovery of the mountain in walk or trek.

Are there local guides in all the villages?

Yes, some have degrees and some do not. All the natives know their island well and are used to taking visitors to discover it.

What are the main places to visit in Nosy Komba?

The villages. The surrounding islands: Ambariobe, Tanikely. The mountain plantations. The Lokobe reserve in Nosy Be which is located opposite Nosy Komba.

Is it possible to snorkel all around the island?

Yes, in the shallow waters you can see turtles, small fish and corals. However, you have to be careful, there are often oysters on the rocks and sea urchins on the shore.

Can we practice trekking and diving from all the villages?

The trails to the mountain are accessible everywhere. The scuba diving club picks up clients in the morning all around the island.