The blooming of the flowers

the cocoa flower

The blooming of the flowers

Updated on 25/02/2022 | Posted on 08/12/2021

"September and October months are particularly interesting for seeing the beautiful flowering phases on the island."

The coffee tree

The coffee trees grow in the shade of tall trees, the white flowering branches have a delicate, bewitching scent reminiscent of jasmine.

The flowering period on the island takes place from mid-September to mid-October, the flower blooms and fades in one day while offering us an unforgettable spectacle.

The fruits will give mature beans after 9 to 11 months for the Robusta (Canéphore) coffee tree present in the heights of the island.


The varieties of cocoa trees in Madagascar are the “Forastero” and the “Trinitario” but also in much smaller quantities the “Criollo”.
The flowering of the cocoa tree takes place throughout the year, we see the appearance of beautiful small flowers on the trunk, but also on the branches.
The flowers will give pods after 5 months, it is these pods that protect the precious cocoa beans.


On the island of Nosy Komba, as is often the case in Madagascar, the Jatropha tree is the most prized support for the vanilla vines.
The flowering takes place from September to October. The vanilla flower wilts in one day. In Madagascar, pollination is done manually on each flower.

The pods will take 9 months to mature.

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The genus bauhinia is also called the orchid tree. Its flowers are arranged in clusters of five petals and are reminiscent of orchids.


This tree can reach 25m high if not pruned. Its very fragrant flowers have six long, fine petals. The essential oil of ylang-ylang is obtained after distillation of the yellow flowers, it is soothing and has many properties. The different oils obtained are available in three qualities. Ylang-ylang flowers as well as jasmine and frangipani flowers are among the most used flowers in perfumery and cosmetics.


The frangipani tree has large leaves. Its bewitchingly fragrant flowers have 5 petals. They can be red, white, pink or yellow.


The Delonix Regia, also called flamboyant, is a parasol-shaped tree that was discovered in Madagascar. It can be found throughout the tropical zone. It can measure up to 18 m in height. Its bright red flowers appear at the end of the dry season.


The Margousier, Melia azedarach or Persian Lilac, can reach 15 m high. Its white flowers in panicles give off a pleasant lilac scent. The tree’s seeds are used as an insecticide.

Spathodea campanulata

It is also called the African tulip tree. It is a large tree that has beautiful large red and orange flowers that face the sky.

Mango tree flowers

The mango tree’s numerous panicles and tiny, pale yellow flowers bloom in October.

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Medicinal plants

Medicinal plants

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The vanilla plantations are mainly located in the mountain of the island, where the hot and humid climate is favorable to the blooming of vanilla.