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The island of lemurs, a jewel of nature


How to reach

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Satellite view

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Map of Nosy Komba

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An exceptional nature

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Medicinal plants

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Maki Macaco

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Makikool, website administrator
Makikool, website administrator

You will find on this website many articles on Nosy Komba, its nature, its people, practical advice, an overview of the service as well as reviews.

Whether in order to prepare your trip by accident or curiosity, we hope that visiting this website you’ll want to discover this island.

Nosy Komba, is the hyphen between Nosy Be, the famous island perfumes, and mainland Madagascar.

This peak of the island is at an altitude of 622 meters, covered by dense tropical forest.

The mapof the island strangely looks like a giant turtle, it is surrounded by volcanic rocks, protecting shores from rough waters.

The island is also called Nosy Ambariovato, meaning the island surrounded by rocks.

Nosy Komba is known for its many small and inhabited beaches as well as for its emerald like water. Nosy komba is a small jewel of nature, increasingly visited and becoming a mirror of its larger neighbor, Nosy Be.

It is home to many Makis, a variety of lemurians also called Macaco.

Tranquillity prevails as there are no cars, neither electricity. Beauty of nature and sweetness of life make it a most attractive place to be.