Do not confuse a € uro and Ariary (local currency). Don’t  "spoil"  people with large tips as they may become dependable on tourist money.

Do not litter and leave behind  batteries and other warmful products, as there is a high risk of being found on the ocean floor in the future.

Have a hat and a sunscreen as trips on ferry boats can be long. (For sensitive skin do not hesitate to take a t-shirt and a long sleeve sarong)

Do not go out at night without a flashlight (and yes the moon is your friend but not every night to go!)

Learn about the customs of the country before your departure and respect local traditions.
Even if you feel as a "Cousteau" diver, make sure you wear a diving mask because turtles will come and greet you in less than 3 meters of water.

Use anti-malarial drugs and mosquito repellent because you're exposed to mosquitoes.

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