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The island of lemurs, a jewel of nature

Travel tips

    Do not go out at night without a flashlight (and yes the moon is your friend but not every night to go!)

Do not litter and leave behind batteries and other warmful products, as there is a high risk of being found on the ocean floor in the future.

    Have a hat and a sunscreen as trips on ferry boats can be long. (For sensitive skin do not hesitate to take a t-shirt and a long sleeve sarong)

Do not confuse a €uro and Ariary (local currency). Don’t “spoil” people with large tips as they may become dependable on tourist money.

    Even if you feel as a “Cousteau” diver, make sure you wear a diving mask because turtles will come and greet you in less than 3 meters of water.

Use anti-malarial drugs and mosquito repellent because you’re exposed to mosquitoes.

    Observe the closing periods of protected species breeding shrimps, lobsters …maybe some restaurants will offer you still !

Learn about the customs of the country before your departure and respect local traditions.