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The island of lemurs, a jewel of nature

Traditional canoes

Traditional canoes
Canoes are the way to move the most widely used on Nosy Komba island.
Antamontamo is the village with the most canoes carpenters, found all around the island of small sites dedicated to the manufacture of canoes and sometimes even into the mountains.
May be you attend a steep descent of a boat from the heights of the island?

They are made of wood (Fanamponga, albizia, mango …) that come from the mountains of Nosy Komba, or nowadays more often from “the great Earth Madagascar”.

There is still some time, all funds Nosy Komba canoes were cut straight to the mountain and then routed through the forest to the water’s edge where were assembled the remaining elements (boards, balance …)
This is still the case today, but less frequently, because the trunks and large pieces of wood are increasingly rare.

The canoe solo canoe to 10 m, there is for all, they provide fishing, transfer of persons in the island or the transport of goods, some are other non-motorized.
Plastic resin canoes made ​​their appearance, but the majority are wooden canoes.