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The island of lemurs, a jewel of nature

Top of the island

Top of the island
Antagnianaomby, the top of Nosy Komba’s island rises to 622 meters, it’s a FadyFady is an expression that means forbidden or taboo. The origin of the prohibition is often linked to a belief, local people living in accordance with a number of rules established by the sovereign means fady. place.

It is possible to get there only on Mondays and Saturdays wearing a traditional dress LambaoanyThe lamba is the traditional dress Sakalava men the door sarong and women wear in 3 pieces of fabric: 2 to dress the body and to cover the head to protect from the sun. because that’s the place where you can find the tomb of AmpanjakaAmpanjaka or Mpanjaka means sovereign..

Some people says that the queen who rests in the tomb arrived on the island with a couple of lemurs macaco. Queen noticed that the lemurs enjoyed the place, finally she tought that the island is the right place to live, but it’s difficult to believe to only one version of the story.
Furthermore funny side, sociable and attractive of the lemurs this version is the explanation of the origin of the sacred macaco lemur …

Legend or truth ?