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The island of lemurs, a jewel of nature

OSE, Health and humanitarian organization

OSE, Health and humanitarian organization

SE is an humanitarian organization active in Madagascar with headquarters in La Réunion.

Since 1998 OSE sends two annual health missions to Nosy Be and Nosy Komba.

Each month of May and November health professionnals provide voluntarily services to Nosy Komba inhabitants and around.


In 2016 the team was made of 15 people : 12 from La Réunion and 3 from Madagascar.
Roger, the malagasy prothesist tutors 2 students from Mahajanga university while residents Alain,Roland and Jean-Pierre take of on site logistics.

During this first 2016 mission services were provided in Antafodrono,Nosy Be, Anjabe Nosy Komba and Anketsabe (the Nosy Komba mountain).

After a 25 minutes voyage by pirogue, patients from Ampangorina were welcomed by ready OSE staff.
Care is provided in suited traditional bungalows : here a baby is ausculted by Carine, there on the terrasse is a man holding dressings, and further a child on a chair awaits for dental care by Agnès. Close by is Didier, an all purpose technician at ease in making plaster for print.

At the same time, Philippe,François,Roger and Mohamed are buzy with sculpturing, printing, polishing and fine tuning dental protheses. They work hard. We were rarely given to see so many health professionnals at the same time in Nosa Komba. One could feel a pleasant atmosphere in this bush health post amidst a team of qualified, professional and handy health team.

Interestingly for patients, notices François, is the fact that patients are followed from one year to the other. Drugs are given free and the ones which validity may expire before next mission are given to local physicians.
In one day at average 80 patients receive health care, 50 with dental protheses and 30 with dental extraction and other care.

The OSE team is composed of :
– Physicians : Carine, Mary, François, Maël, Fabrice.
– Nurses : Geoffroy, Philippe.
– Prothésistes : Philippe, Mohamed, Roger.
– Dentists : Agnès, Mathieu, Clara, François.
– an ophtamologist : Morgane.
– Didier, technician.

Do support OSE by sending funds to

14 rue Valentin Abral

Mr Laroche phone number: 06 92 66 86 10 / email : / website : OSE

Having spent a full day with them, we can reassure you that the OSE approach is practical, their staff is motivated and fully involved in their humanitarian aid, not on vacation in the third world. OSEZ = DARE!