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The island of lemurs, a jewel of nature

Medicinal plants

Medicinal plants
0n the 188 sorts of tropical flora can be found all over the island as well as about 70 of medicinal plants used locally as current remedies.

Local people of Nosy Komba exploit the virtues of plants that are often recommended by “Sikidy” or “Ombiasy” kind of healers at the limit of the magic that often communicate with the spirits of ancestors.

Stomach ache, difficult pregnancies, rheumatism, diarrhea and other diseases are treated using these medicinal plants which are usually consumed as a decoction
(leaf, bark, branches or even roots).

  • Examples of medicinal plants used by the people

limits of traditional medicine

Traditional medicine is a very important place in Nosy Komba as throughout Madagascar, sometimes the decision to take a patient to the clinic or hospital in lieu of a real council of war, and it is not uncommon the decision comes too late.