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The island of lemurs, a jewel of nature

Marine animals

Marine animals
Nosy Be Bay offers beautiful natural aquariums where there are many varieties of fish, corals, shellfish and other aquatic species

Nosy Komba is one of those places that are home to a diverse and abundant marine life.

Sea turtles are present throughout the year and often by boat or from the shore, to see a head out of the water coming catch his breath.

Several families of dolphins live all around the island. They can be seen every day and play and jump between Anjiabe Antamontamo.

From July to November, humpback whales come to enjoy the warm waters of the bay to give birth and to their babies safe from predators.

They take advantage of the bay of Nosy Be shallow and well protected to fatten and harden their offspring before leaving late November to the great South.