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The island of lemurs, a jewel of nature

Maki Macaco

Maki Macaco
At Nosy Komba you can observe lemurs macaco days, and at night you hear their cries echoing against the wall mountainous island, jungle atmosphere guaranteed!

These plush red and black as their agility is fascinating and majestic as their similarity to us is great.

Many families of lemurs inhabit macaco Nosy Komba, they live in a mixed group but females dominate.
Males have black fur and fur female redhead. They eat fruits and plants.

From the end of August the females give birth to their hairy balls (one baby lemur in general, see both) and the show is so great.

Here’s some Lemur maki macaco pics :

From late August, after a 4 months gestation, females give birth to their little hairy balls: 1 maki baby in general, or two. It’s very touching.
The females move from tree to tree with their young baby hung under the lower belly to protect them. The baby’s hands firmly tighten the mother’s fur and the tail embraces her lower abdomen.