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The island of lemurs, a jewel of nature

Guide of Madagascar’s Nature

Guide of Madagascar’s Nature

Excursions with René

René, licensed guide, offers excursions between land and sea in the Northern area of Madagascar.
Daytime and nocturnal visits to the forest: Landscapes, wildlife, flora, fauna and medicinal plants.
Sea excursions on the small cluster of islands around Nosy Komba in a traditional sailing canoe.

Rates :

Excursion in the moutain : 20 000 ariary/people or 40 000 ariary with meals.
Lokobe reserve and other tours : consult us.
Phone :

  • (+261)32 02 678 12

Address :

Guide of Madagascar’s Nature
Mr René
Ampangorina – Nosy Komba
207 Nosy Be – Madagascar

email & web :

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